The path is clear.

Yesterday just beneath my window a great blue heron flew by. I opened my computer and Googled it’s meaning here is what I read: “When a heron flies by it signifies and clear calm path.” Then I looked on the pier and 7 heron landed, all together. I have never witnessed a flock, their majestic shapes floating onto land, balancing on their broomstick legs. The path is clear. For some time I have wondered how will we midwife our community into the care of competent hands? How will we ensure the future for our teachers, staff, and students? As of today, all Charm City Yoga Studios are now part of the growing YogaWorks family.

Rumi reminds me, into this new life die, your way begins on the other side. We have truly loved building and owning these yoga studios and being part of the Baltimore community. We have loved seeing you on your mats every day and watching as your yoga practice has evolved. We have loved having the studios as the center our lives. We are deeply grateful to all students, teachers and staff for allowing us to be part of the beauty that is Baltimore. We can honestly say this has been the most rewarding experience in our lives. As I say good bye to my old life, I cherish my future as yoga teacher first and foremost. Chris will, after a long career relax, restore and begin his next venture. I wanted to thank YogaWorks and please join me in warmly welcoming them to Charm City!

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