Celebration in Mysore.

I went for cake last night. The way registration for Sharath’s program currently works, everyone starts on the same day. This creates huge migrations of students in and out at the beginning and the end of the month. Rumor has it that the registration process will change next year but for the time being, everyone comes in and goes together.

Although the cake was served as a celebration for my roommate’s birthday, many students also used the gathering as the celebration of a long and satisfying trip. Practitioners from London, New York, Connecticut, Germany, and Spain were all in attendance. The talk rarely revolves around the practice but often turns to travel, additional courses taken while in Mysore, or challenges with simply surviving.

Last night, as we indulged in Anu’s chocolate pudding cake, three students at the table have had no water for a week…none. Another was sharing about her experience learning to make dosa and idli (Indian fermented lentil and grain cakes). I was surprised to learn these breakfast foods take about three days to make including all the soaking, fermenting, and waiting involved. Finally, I learned about tea, coffee, and samosas. I learned where to get the real ones, the cheap ones, the hot ones and the strong ones. These teachings are the secrets to happiness in Mysore but you have to be here to know.

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