Day 37, Summer Intensive begins!

4:30 AM. New beginnings. Today marks the start of the Summer Intensive Training at Charm City Yoga. 36 students begin the process of deepening their practice by learning to share it with others. The old saying goes: to learn something read, to know something write, to master something teach. In order to take this art we call yoga and offer it safely individuals who are seeking we must become fluent in our own practice. We must become familiar with how the sensations arise peak and pass away. We must be ready for the emotions and thoughts that accompany sensations. For example, in triangle pose, grabbing the toe and gaining the flexibility to do that is just the tip of the iceberg. The work of the practice begins when the sensation arrives. The sensation, whether pleasurable or painful will trigger an emotional reaction. As I inhale into the pose the tightness across my check triggers some grief and fear. In response to those emotions, habitual thoughts arise. I need to get out of this pose I am only 10 minutes into the practice how will I ever make it to the end? I am going to die. All of these thoughts contribute to anxiety, which prevents me from opening fully to what the experience has to offer. How do sensations trigger emotion and reaction in you? This is an important aspect of deepening your yoga practice; don’t miss it.

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