Fasting and Being a Beginner.

“After 10 years of practice, you can call yourself a beginner.” BKS Iyengar

As yoga students we often hear only what we already know. Then we can agree. The true student listens for what they do not know and opens to the possibility.

This weekend the 200-hour teacher trainers fasted together. We took only juice for the entire weekend and tended to our inner-selves. After 8 months of studying, practicing, learning technique, philosophy and methodology, this weekend is dedicated to soothing the fatigue, to rubbing balm on the heart.

I have had a trying couple of weeks myself, so the opportunity to slow down, (we did lots of meditation) to tune in, (we honored lots of noble silence), and to connect (we did lots of hugging, talking, laughing, and crying) was real medicine.

Although I have been offering this course for the past 14 years, each time I move through the complex ground, it is as if I am a beginner. I relearn who I am as a teacher. I awaken to who I am as a woman, a friend, a wife, and a sister. I see, as if for the first time, who I am, as a student and as a being that defies labeling.

As a beginner this year I noticed that I was raw and the light that shone from me was not the light of the sun. It was more akin to the shadowy, romantic light of the moon. The moonlight cast shadows where I could rest, whisper, and explore the landscape of my heart.

I want to thank my students for the opportunity and I want to thank myself for showing up and being a beginner. As a beginner I could see the weekend as it really was; full of glittering faces, loving hearts, and friends I will cherish for the rest of my life.

“In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, in the experts mind there are few.” Suzuki

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