Go slowly, don’t push.

Go slowly, don’t push. Most people would scoff if I told them this was the advice Saraswathi gave me in practice today.

I am in that beautifully hot room for 2 hours while I am here in Mysore. No-where to go, nothing to do, free to practice at my own pace. The breath is my anchor as my mind wanders from the exploration at hand to the field of the future, the field of the past. Inhale the arms rise up, exhale my body folds, not like some yoga poster girl but like me. I fold forward with bent knees and a supportive grip on my hips. When I hang in, although my body is no-where close to my legs, my feet ground and my belly pulls up.

Better today, she says. Yes, I think better. My breath lengthens and my eyes rest. I am home in my body. I am home in this room.

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