New work, good work.

Every day, my teacher said to me, I want you to wake up in the morning and take some time to name four things about yourself that are good.

Arghhhhh reistance…ok

  • I am taking time to rest

  • I am cooking for myself even though I feel tired

  • I am loving to myself and others

  • I am kind to myself and others

The last one took some time to find,  that was surprising to me. I could not find 4 nice things to say about myself right off the top of my head. It wasn’t that I couldn’t think of nice things to say, I just didn’t necessarily feel them as true.

When I said the four things, she asked me, how do you feel?

Well I feel softer and more relaxed.

Good she said, feel that.

 I want you to add this exercise to your daily practice. Every day I want you to stop and say 4 nice things about your self. Then I want you to take a minute to see how you feel after you say them. Are you willing to do this?

At first I thought, well I am going to forget about this exercise by tomorrow, way too much subconscious resistance. But to my surprise, each day, like a thirsty girl to water. I have noticed that before I even open my eyes, my mind has been drawn to four things that I am enjoying about myself right now.

  • I am taking the time to write

  • I am forgiving myself in this moment

  • I am a curious person

  • I frequently stop to enjoy the view

I practice this exercise several times a day now, every time I remember. My day begins with this exercise and there is some healing going on as a result. My perception of myself is changing. I have a deep habit in my mind of labeling myself as broken, not good enough and crazy. I learned that thinking somewhere in my youth. Now I am working on undoing that thinking, minute by minute, day by day, week by week. I want that incorrect perception to be minimized. I want to be able to recognize it  when it speaks and remember that it is only a habit, not who I am.

Take a minute right now, say four things about yourself that are good and right and beautiful. Say them out loud and see how you feel.

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