You are everything.

Indra, the God of all natural phenomena, is said to be the architect of "the great net of being". He has created a structure that spans from one end of infinity to the other. This net is made up of you, me, everything that has ever existed, and everything that will ever exist.  

The net is constructed in a beautiful fashion. In keeping with the extravagant tastes of the gods and goddesses, at each intersection of the net, hangs a jewel. Since the net hangs infinitely in all directions there are an infinite number of jewels. There is the jewel of me and the jewel of you. Each jewel, clear in its nature and many faceted acts as a projector and a reflector. Each jewel casts out the light of who we are and reflects the light of those around us. If you were to look closer at any one reflection you would see an infinity of reflections deep within.

Imagine your self as an integral part of the whole. Try to feel how you are a source of light. You are a reflection of everything and everyone around you.

Knowing this, how do you want to live in the world? 

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