Alert without tension, relaxed but not dull.

I’m going to Washington DC to get my Indian Visa application submitted! My trip this February will be my 4th journey to Mysore and my 8th Journey to the birthplace of yoga! This year I have an appointment and an interview; last year I forgot all about the Visa and I was in a complete panic to get the thing before my trip. I had to ask all my friends to pray to the Visa Gods.

I enjoy looking at my life from the perspective of change. How this year, prepared I am in a much different place than I was last year, in a panic. I hadn’t realized that Desikachar is the teacher famous for pointing out that Sukham and Stirham in the posture is qualified. He says that the pose must be alert and relaxed in the translation but his commentary says "one must have alertness without tension and relaxedness without dullness."

This adds a whole new piece to the contemplation of action, right action and correct approach to life. It is my opinion, that what the teachers instruct about the posture, is an instruction for life.

So as I head to Washington this morning, in a relaxed manner, I remember I have to get all my papers right. I have to have all the particulars of the process together, organized and correct. I need to be alert. Otherwise, having so much time  won’t do me any good if I am told, no not right, come back with everything correct.

Do your practice, do it well, do it correctly. Live alert, without tension and relaxed, but not dull. Xxoo

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