Blood and breath, your body and the world.

We get the internal blood circulation from our mothers. Our blood is circulating in the womb, our heart is beating and, in fact our lungs are filled with blood and fluid that is expelled as we enter the birth canal.

It is not until we have arrived in the external world that we take our first breath. It comes from the external world.

We are made up of our internal world and the external world. We consist of both blood and breath.

Our yoga practice gives us the opportunity to recognize this anatomical metaphor and when we talk about wholeness, we can learn to be aware of both blood and breath, the inner and the outer.

The circulation (and the heart) as well as the breath (and the lungs) work together and respond to emotions and the state of the mind.

1. Imagine you are out in the field and the tiger is running toward you. What happens to the breath, what happens to the heart?

2. Imagine now you are on a raft, floating in the lake of your dreams, flower growing from your navel, everything is perfectly calm. What happens to your breath, what happens to your heart?

Wouldn’t it be marvelous if we could connect fluently with the breath and the heart?  If we could be in touch with the times that our heart races,  and if in those times we could watch what happens to the breath?

If life is such that our heart stops for a moment, catches, what happens to the breath?

If our breath is held what happens to the heart? How does it respond?

Contemplation on my heart and my lungs in relation to practice:

Sometimes I retreat to my interior, circulation.

Sometimes I like to share with the world, breath.

When I breathe in I say yes to life.

When I breathe out I am offering myself to others.

When I feel the beat of my heart, I know I am emotionally connecting to everyone.

When I am aware of my breath I can become aware of how I am acting in the world.

Iyenger says the process of yoga is one of evolution, change and growth (breath) and the yoga itself is involution, interiorization and realization

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