Cash just lying there, saying pick me up!

This morning during my walk along the beach, I found a hundred dollar bill. I know wow; lucky day…but here’s the rub. This is the second hundred-dollar bill I found in the last 2 months! That is a lot of money. Actually the first hundred dollar bill was a hundred Euro note I found floating in the Mediterranean Sea. At current exchange rates this bill was worth $131.00! What would you do if it were you?

When I found the second hundred-dollar bill I took some time to contemplate its symbolism. Money is power and I see money as the power that can bring about manifestation pretty effectively. I noticed my worry when I found the money that it was not mine, that I should try to return it. But how do you return a hundred dollar bill on the beach…twice? I noticed that I felt like it was a good sign, a symbol of abundance and ease around financial freedom and wealth. I noticed how that ease was coupled with fear, fear that I might lose it, fear that I was going to be punished, fear that somehow I shouldn’t receive this gift. Next, I decided to use the money to be generous. It wasn’t really what I did with the money that mattered but I was able to practice spending it with an understanding that this money just came to me, I did not earn it. It just came and it was meant to be used. As a yoga teacher, I sometimes have a hard time flowing with money. Allowing it to come into my life and spending it freely without worry or guilt. I am operating in a world where money is the currency of materialization and becoming fluent in the give and take might be a worthwhile endeavor. Doesn’t this sound like fun?

Be careful though, just in case you decide to start looking for hundred-dollar bills; a friend once told me not to look for pennies on the ground when there are diamonds waiting for you in the sky! 

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