Day 11 Mysore Challenge at Charm City Yoga

4:32 AM Rain and Cloud. In the Game of Thrones the three eyed raven represents mind-sight. For many children mind-sight is a necessary survival technique. It is our ability to read another without depending on words. I developed the ability when I was very young to help understand my family and friends. I was not very good at describing feeling states so this was my tool. I became skilled at picking up on messages, signals, actions and expressions that betrayed outer masks. As a yoga teacher, mind-sight serves me very well; it provides me with insight in relating to my students. In teacher training, while practicing adjustments, we gauge our actions non-verbally because yes, we can ask does that feel ok, but there are also non-verbal cues that inform the teacher. The breath is a big indicator of the truth. Is it being held, is it labored, is it shallow? The facial expression too is important; is there tension or is the expression soft and at ease? Is there a physical resistance that shows up: holding in the shoulders, hands, feet or neck? A teacher once told me, when utilizing mind sight you must be very respectful. Sometimes the seer can recognize feelings before the one who is being seen actually feels them. It is important to give the seen time to process the emotions and sensations. Then we can live fully. Early on, I thought this gift was a bit of a curse, a trait that made me separate. Now I realize it is quite normal. Everyone has it; we simply have to be present with another and pay attention. Mind-sight is one of the great connectors.

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