Day 2 of the Mysore challenge at Charm City Yoga.

4:44AM The sun is already coloring the sky violet and magenta. I am really looking forward to seeing my friends come together in the name of practice; today I feel like our community is a whole, a large breathing, loving thing! This morning Leslie Kaminoff, a wonderful anatomy teacher in New York, posted a short lecture on the oneness of our bodies. The clip showed that we are more of a whole than a collection of parts. I found that to be the most remarkable thing about the body when I experienced dissections with Richard and Todd. Our bodies are an integrated whole. To think of our selves as a collection of parts, like a psoas and a diaphragm, is an overly simplified perspective. Check out this video by Tom Myers and Todd Garcia to see our connected 'Deep Front Line" This dissection shows how we really are one big “thing” from toes to tongue. PS 44 students at Mysore this morning, Charm City Yoga, you rock!

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