The End of the Kleshas and finally Peace.

Practice 5 AM. Many mantras end with the words Shanti Shanti Shanti. We all know this translates to peace, peace, peace but what is the purpose?The 3 Shantis are said to dispel the 3 kinds of suffering also known as the 3 Kleshas: 1. Suffering that comes from me or I. You know, the self-inflicted stuff. 2. Suffering that comes from others. This is the suffering caused by mosquitoes, elephants, friends, or relatives to name a few. 3. Suffering that comes from the Gods. If we were looking at our ecosystem, this suffering results from things like weather, earthquakes, fires and the like. Suffering from the Gods is a suffering we all share. In Jungian terms this suffering would result from the archetypes. So at the end of the prayer, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti attenuates these afflictions so we can work effectively. Say it with meaning, say it with understanding - Richard Freeman


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