Wisdom of good medicine.

 It is a moon day but we practiced anyway! So nice. I have found that my idea of healing was conditional. I would not consider myself healed until I was pain free. Now I realize that healing is a state of mind. It is a way of being that has nothing to do with whether or not you feel pain in your body. Healing is a feeling of wholeness. It is an experience of aliveness no matter what the ever-changing circumstance is. We practiced this visualization on my first night here. It has helped me to realize what healing really is.

The Medicine Buddha by Bob Thurman
Relax your body.
Close you eyes and look back upon your self. Try to see the real you.
Don’t worry if you cannot grab onto anything solid that means you are on the right track. 
You might feel a melting sensation looking inward and a bit like you are floating in a sea of nowhere, try to stay with that feeling as long as possible. Let all become emptiness.
Now imagine the Palace of Jewels. It has four gates and is transparent. The gems that fill every corner, line the edges of the space, and hang from every surface, color the light. Rubies, amethyst, citron, emeralds, diamonds, garnets, sapphires and pearls illuminate the clear walls. In the center is The Medicine Buddha. He himself is the color of a sapphire and he smiles. All the deities you have ever loved surround him and all good beings from this world and the next are there as well.
Your body becomes pure light; you are not your habitual self.
Outside the palace everything is there to heal you: the birds, the plants, the people, the animals. You feel held.
It is said that everyone who is touched in some way by the light of the medicine Buddha is healed. It is said that his light is the illumination of ultimate reality, perfection, and wisdom.

Let yourself be healed.

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