Day 3 of the Mysore challenge at Charm City Yoga.

4:45 AM
“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

This morning was cloudy so there was no inspiration in the sky. The room has been busy so Heather, Debbie, and I have been teaching every day. We teach as a team till things quiet down then we practice with the students. It has been really cool to help and then practice. At first, I thought I would be too tired or my practice would only be mediocre, but I have noticed some great things this week! 
When I began my sun salutations, my body already warm and open. I noticed that my mind was in a good place; it was peaceful and still. I noticed that my heart felt connected to everyone in the room; I felt loving from teaching. My take away this morning: 
1. My yoga practice is better when I spend some time giving first. 
2. I embody more energy than I ever thought possible. 
3. When the mind is quiet and the body is warm you can get so much done in 90 minutes:) 
Practice, practice, practice my loves!

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