Do You Get The Jitters?

Presentation Jitters

By the time you read this it will be finished. For now, though, I am one-hour pre-presentation and full of nerves. I watched the first talk and it couldn’t have been more inspirational; it couldn’t have been any better organized; and it couldn’t have been delivered with any more passion or love ….yet after 30 minutes I was done. I really have a hard time sitting in inspirational talks no matter how inspirational. How are Chris and I going to speak for an hour to a room full of yoga teachers, people like me who have the attention span of a gnat? We need to move our bodies every 15 minutes or else. I am nervous about the podium, and the power point, and the note cards, and the fact that I have to wear shoes because the talk is in an air-conditioned conference room. Everyone is going to be in chairs. I live in a bubble. I never teach with note cards or a power point presentation. I rarely wear shoes inside and well 15 minutes hardly every goes by where I can’t stand up and stretch. I live in a way where I can move, bend and bring the attention inside and to my breath. It calms me to thank God for this bubble of my everyday. I thank God for my life. As I take stock in the pre-game jitters I give thanks that I was able get up every day to be on the mat. It is a gift to be in the habit of living barefoot, mobile, and free from the formalities of life. Time to go!


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