is it worth it? Yoga in the BIGGER World.

Today Chris and I arrived in New York.  We come here for retreat, time to get away. Our New York home is a place where we can gain perspective on our business and our lives.

We also come here to see what is happening in the BIGGER yoga world. Everything in New York is BIGGER.

This morning I am deciding where to go and practice. I work out at the New York Racquet Club and they have yoga there but I prefer a studio setting.

I love the practicing in a studio because the entire experience feels elevated out of the every day. When I walk into a dedicated yoga studio, I notice first and foremost that the whole space is reserved for the exploration of the yogic path.

It is a welcoming, non-competitive space where staff, teachers and the student body understand that I may be here to heal, to grow, to transform or simply to thrive. These intentions are embraced, held, and honored. At most studios, shoes are left at the door. This is a symbolic gesture, asking everyone to leave the outside world behind. This gesture invites us to come inside, rest; it invites us to walk barefoot and feel free. The staff are usually yogis, they practice and they understand. The person behind the desk knows what I am going through, have been through, and what I am eager to experience…. a good yoga class!

I like a lot of studios in Manhattan. I go to Jiva Mukti, Dharma Mittra, and Alan Finger (ISHTA yoga). I like Eddie Stern’s place and Barbara and Kristen’s Shala House (for Ashtanga). For Bikram Yoga I dig the Flat Iron location and Golden Bridge for a kick-butt Kundalini practice. Sometimes, if I am lucky and if there is a good workshop, I head uptown to Pure.

Each of these places has their own personality and to make it in New York you have to be excellent. They each have their own way of being excellent but the main reason I pay extra and head to a studio rather than my gym is the quality of the experience. From the minute I arrive at a place devoted to yoga the experience will speak to me, empathize with the yogi, and maintain an environment that is dedicated to my transformation.

Charm City Yoga in Baltimore is our expression of the excellence we experience in New York and  in the studios we have visited all over the world. Our study here not only widens our knowledge about the practice but our ability to improve the CCY experience for you. We want you to call Charm City Yoga your Baltimore Yoga Home!

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