Reading Gone Girl, a justification.

I’m reading Gone Girl. I love reading novels, sometimes I stop reading them thinking I have to put my nose back in the ancient yogic texts.  And yes I love those texts but I also love a good story. I think reading stories helps me as a yoga teacher. Getting immersed in contemporary literature gives me platform with which to contextualize the texts that can seem so old and frankly irrelevant. I wasn’t going to read this book, my parents gave the film two thumbs down. Then I went to the New York Times and saw it was on the list for 186 weeks. There must be something in this story I need to know.

Well I am not all the way through so don’t ruin it for me and well I guess it is impossible for me to ruin it for you but I can say:

1. I love the quizzes.

2. I love descriptions of people and their complicated psychologies.

3. I love the discomfort created by the author allowing me onto the ride of out of control….you know like a roller coaster

4. I love the lies. I love the reminder that lies are a whole lot of work and don’t seem to help anything.

Im only on page 93 but so far the book is really fun really good. Get in bed, read a book, its fall after all.

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