The path is actually a staircase?

Hatha Yoga Pra-DIP-ika

Verse 2 

Yogi Swatmarama, after saluting his Guru Srinatha defines Hatha Yoga as the staircase up to the pinnacle of Raja Yoga.

So now the path is a staircase?

That sounds a bit more difficult than a path, doesn't it? 

The pinnacle of Raja yoga what is that?

According to tantric philosophy hatha yoga is a method of practice leading toward awakening that uses the body as the tool. All yogic paths lead to Raja yoga, which is considered "the royal yoga". The royal yoga, refers to classical yoga, i.e. Patanjli's 8-limbed path, and its aim is to understand and overcome the habitual psychology of the mind (Chitta Vritti). According to Indian understanding, all yoga: Jnana (yoga of study), Bhakti (yoga of love), Karma (yoga of action) and Hatha (yoga of the body) all lead the aspirant to Raja yoga…in other words face to face with our psychology.

"Seated in such a place, the yogi should free his mind fro, all distractimg thoughts and practice yoga as instructed by his guru."

So hate to say it yogis, once again we find proof in the tradition that although making the body whole through Hatha yoga practice is good, we still need to do the work of Raja yoga and the work of the mind….Mind, Body, Spirit there is no separation. Below are versions I like:

"As one opens the door with a key, so the yogi should open the gate to liberation."

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