Would you like to win? I'm raffling a drawing from Spain.

Today is a good day to begin again.

Today is a good day to begin again.

This week, to celebrate our time together and my return to the U.S., I am giving you a chance to win a favorite Spanish summer collage!

Seth Godin in one of his daily emails said:

“The opposite of the freeloader problem is the free-giver advantage. Freeloaders, of course, are people who take more than they give, drains on the system. But the opposite, the opposite is magical. These are the people who feed the community first, who give before taking, who figure out how to always give a little more than they take. What happens to a community filled with free-givers? Ironically, every member of that community comes out ahead.”

When I read Seth’s blog, I thought about It’s a Beautiful Practice and my insistence on giving the content away for free. I want the website's content to be part of the free-giver movement. I am also excited to give you a chance to donate to the endeavor and enter our raffle.

To enter the raffle, all you have to do is donate $1.00 to It’s a Beautiful Practice. Each dollar you donate gets you a chance to win.

$1 = 1 chance; $30 = 30 chances. On Friday, September 30th I will draw a name and announce the winner in Sunday's newsletter. My hope is that this raffle adds value to the site by offering what you want. Someone will win this drawing, why not you?

The title of the work, Today Is a Good Day to Begin Again, speaks to the regenerative nature of our ever-changing lives. The work is a 12” x 12” collage I made while here in Spain. The paper is 100% cotton and the elements of the image come from three sources: a catalogue from the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art, a Spanish fiesta program from my home village of Lliber, and a devotional poster I brought back from Mysore, India. I gathered these elements on my travels. The collage, through the act of mixing the materials, helps to integrate experiences from different parts of the world. 

Fine print: The artwork is unframed. That’s it.

Another Seth Godin post that helped me decide to work on this blog goes like this:

“Make something great. Not because it will sell. Not because it's on the test. Not because it's your job. Merely because you can. The alternative (waiting for the world to align in a way that permits you to make something great) is hardly worth pursuing, right?”

You can sign up for Seth’s emails here. Donate for a chance to win here. And send me an email with questions or comments at kimmanfredi@mac.com. As always, thanks for reading.





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