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Big Thank You to the Palm Springs Artist Council for including me in the Artist Council Exhibition, 2018. The Jurors, Anne M. Rowe, Chip Tom, and Cybele Rowe, selected the work of 40 regional artists to create a show that is exciting in content and range. The exhibition is up until December 9 in the lower level of the Palm Springs Art Museum.



Cybele Rowe wrote a beautiful piece in the catalogue about her selection process; “All the artists that entered this competition have two outstanding noble traits. These are courage and conviction. These traits are an artist’s most valuable tools as they are responsible for releasing your work into the public forum.
The most joyful part I found in this juried show is the broad range of media, influence and passion. The agenda seemed to be: “If you make art and believe in your art, then you may express yourself here in this art competition.”
Some of the artist I could tell have reached a level of abstraction or realism that is evidence of years dedicated to practicing their craft. Their visual voice is strong and that is why I chose their work as my top picks. Other artists, I could tell, were newer to their art practice. These artists were successful in my selection process because they had original thought. The one underlying factor in my choice of each artwork was that each artist let me know they were engaged in an authentic journey and in sharing that growth with their community.”

 You can purchase the catalogue here.



Furthermore, I was one of 5 artists that were selected for recognition. What an honor to receive the Jack Farley Community Award for my painting, Polka Dot Jersey. Also sharing the stage with me, winning their own awards, were Don Porter, Terry Hastings, George James and Eduardo Carriazo. They are terrific artists worth checking out!

Congratulations everyone and thanks again for your support.



By the way it took me all day Sunday to recover from the bout of extreme happiness that accompanied the evening.

If you would like to see more paintings, click here.


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