Diving in and letting go.

 I hope you are entering the Holiday season with joy in your heart. It’s a perfect time to be grateful for life and the love that fills it.

 This month I won an award, finished a commission, and sent a painting to it’s forever home! As a symbol of gratitude I am raffling one of my favorite paintings. I hope you join the fun. Details are at the bottom of this post.

Herstory, 2018 Oil and metal leaf on board 8” x 18”.  Join our raffle

Herstory, 2018 Oil and metal leaf on board 8” x 18”. Join our raffle

 I notice many worthwhile endeavors require a deep dive and then a liberating letting go. This is how we embody change.

 A friend asked if I could paint her children? I was surprised, flattered, and then a bit overwhelmed. Of course, in typical Kim style, I said yes! First, I love a challenge. Second, having never had children of my own, I cherished the opportunity to connect with these kids on such an intimate project. Finally, because I have been using art history and photographs as source material for my own work, I felt somewhat confident in my ability.

Sophie and Hudson

Sophie and Hudson

Painting a portrait is a loving endeavor.

 I asked Esther (the mom) to send photos, I wasn’t going to paint directly from a studio shot but I wanted to use a variety of images to familiarize myself with the kids. She sent images and descriptions; she let me execute the paintings in my own way

 I have a set of signifiers in my work that include rainbows, polka dots, black and white stripes.  I also use flowers to symbolize infinite beauty: stars, galaxies and the universe.

 My painting process is simple; I use metal leaf as ground.

 I draw on that surface and then I paint.

 I tend to paint from dark to light in order to keep the blacks rich and the whites clean. I also make big changes when I notice the original composition is getting stilted.

 In this case, with Sophie and Hudson, I wanted them to live in a contemporary world. I wanted them to live as individuals on two separate canvases but be connected through color and light.




I really love how the paintings turned out. I am proud of Esther for conceiving this project. It is important to empower our children to be who they are, full of life and full of color.

When someone acquires a painting it help to affirm my artistic endeavor. It says, I like what you are doing and I support you. Thank you Esther, and thank you all for supporting my work. 



Sometimes it is hard to let a painting go. I have Sophie and Hudson, No Shame and Polka Dot Jersey, leaving the studio this month. This is an artists dream and it also requires letting go. I wake, work, and go to sleep with these pieces of art. They are my life. Then, as yoga teaches us, life changes.

 For the holiday season, I would love to make a painting available for raffle.


Herstory, 2018 is an 8” x 10” oil painting on board. Join our raffle.

 To enter the raffle simply donate $5.00 to It’s A Beautiful Practice. Each $5 donation goes to support the website and gives you a chance to win. $5= 1 chance. $25 = 5 chances to win. The amount is up to you. I will be drawing a winner on December 20th and announcing the new owner of Herstory in a newsletter that day. Shipping anywhere in the USA is included. I hope you will join the fun.

 Thanks for reading.


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