It’s a beautiful practice.

My name is Kim Manfredi and I love life. I have found that through utilizing the tools of: art, cycling and yoga I can live in lasting happiness.

This realization did not come easily nor did it come quickly. I practiced, practiced, and still practice.

I have created and sold two thriving businesses including Charm City Yoga Center in Baltimore Maryland. CCY maintained 7 successful locations over 15 years. I have created and directed 50 yoga teacher trainings, licensed those trainings to other studios and helped students create their own yoga dream. I have written for Mind-Body-Green and Elephant Journal. I have had art exhibitions with commercial success. Basically, I have it all and I credit this success to a long uninterrupted practice.

It’s a beautiful practice. is the next phase of my adventure. Somehow, just when life feels like it is never going to change I find myself face to face with a mystery and that mystery always draws me toward a project. The platform embodies where I am, how I feel, and illustrates what is important to me. It’s a beautiful practice is that project.