It’s a beautiful practice.

My name is Kim Manfredi and I love life. I have found that through utilizing the tools of yoga and art I can live in lasting happiness.

This realization did not come easily nor did it come quickly. I practiced, practiced, and still practice.

I have created and sold two thriving businesses including Charm City Yoga Center in Baltimore Maryland. CCY maintained 7 successful locations over 15 years. I have created and directed 50 yoga teacher trainings, licensed those trainings to other studios and helped students create their own yoga dream. I have written for Mind-Body-Green and Elephant Journal. I have had art exhibitions with commercial success. Basically, I have it all and I credit this success to a long uninterrupted practice.

It’s a beautiful practice. is the next phase of my adventure. Somehow, just when life feels like it is never going to change I find myself face to face with a mystery and that mystery always draws me toward a project. The platform embodies where I am, how I feel, and illustrates what is important to me. It’s a beautiful practice is that project.

I want to mine, in a systematic way, the work I have already completed and share the practice I am still engaged in. This platform will include everything that inspires me, my daily life, the books I read, the videos I watch and the teachers who light my light. The platform will also include the hard work which may not necessarily seem  inspiring but is necessary to stay on the path. The daily discipline, the research and basically being boring so I can get the work done will also have a place here.

My intention is to embody change. By changing the format of my teaching, study and practice I can continue to cultivate creativity in myself. I want to offer you a platform where the teachings are not distilled down into five “how to” bullet points because life is more complex than that.

The practice is a rich tapestry and I want to offer you some insight into what I believe is necessary to create and sustain of any artistic process. I want to share what I love about the practice from a hopeful perspective. Free from cynicism but filled with humor to illustrate the entirety of what a lifelong practice really involves.

I work to find myself. I believe that while engaged in a self-discovery process I live a radically alive life. It is only when I yearn to know and love myself that I am able to know and love others. I am committed to changing the world through a personal practice.