4 Reasons Why You Should Find a Way to Give.

Last night I taught yoga in as part of a nationwide charity event, Free to Breathe. Charm City Yoga has been a part of this effort for 6 years and the endeavor is increasingly rewarding.

1. Your soul gets fed!

I know this sounds counter intuitive. I am a very busy person and it was hard for me and my loved ones to agree that taking on another project would be good; but it was. Being part of this event brought me rich experiences that touched parts of my being often missed in my daily life. I had to ask for help in order to help and that was amazing. Being connected feeds the soul.

2. You get to experience unlimited amounts of energy!

By witnessing the efforts of so many, all untied to help fix a problem, everyone doing so from within the parameters of their own lives, I am able to feel what it is like to be a part of something that is WAY more powerful than my little self. This is amazing and has filled me with the experience of bigger possibilities for my own life.

3. Volunteering helps you get real!

There are certain things in this world that we cannot change. Peoples suffering for instance. As part of an effort where we are working to put an end to lung cancer, the elephant in the room is that there are a lot of people who suffer with the devastating effects of the disease. This is not something we take out of the closet too often. At work or social events, often times our suffering is hidden. Pulling reality out of the closet allows me to live fully, feel more, and love better. Get real.

4. You will feel successful.

In our Baltimore efforts alone, the yoga-thon raised $23,000. That will provide funding for 6 months of research. It is pretty amazing. The mission of the Free to Breathe Organization is to make survival from a lung cancer diagnosis the norm rather than the exception. Their vision is to double lung cancer survival by 2022. I think this mission is very clear. It is an example of the clarity I want to embody and it feels super successful to be a part of that goal.

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