Every experience has value

I lost my blog document. I felt like I was building something with that document and now is the time for grief. I know, you might say, don’t worry or feel better, and I will. But for now I am simply feeling the sensation of loss. Last night Jamie lost his hand in Game of Thrones. He was sulking and Brienne of Tarth reminded him that with this loss he has the ability to relate to the countless people who lose so much everyday. Jaime was wearing his hand around his neck. It is very liberating to begin to feel that every experience has value.

I do notice when I judge an experience as bad I diminish it's value.

As Rumi says, "Take down and instrument instead."

It is a balance to be able to feel my feeling and at the same time recognize that the suffering that goes along with judgment is optional. For example, losing my document is sad. I had a lot of thoughts written down on paper that made me feel accomplished. It was an object that represented my value and now it is gone. But I’m still here. I am still myself, I can still write. All I had to do was open another document save it on my desktop and, as Richard would say, we’re back on the highway. I like the idea of being a warrior on this path. I like how Brienne of Tarth and Arjun of the Bhagavad Gita both are compassionate and successful on their path. (of course I am only on season three so….who knows?)

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