#YOLO are you sure?

Hey #YOLOare you sure? Every moment we are reborn.  I notice from year to year how when I arrive at our holiday home my friends have changed. It always takes a moment or two for my brain to re-orient itself aroundthe idea that yes here is the new image that describes who this is. My brain must simplify things like people in my mind. It takes a snapshot of a moment and then that person becomes a comprehendible symbol. Are we really the same person every day or are our brains just trying to make life a little more manageable by simplifying who we are so we can comprehend ourselves? I don’t know about reincarnation but I hold it as a possibility….it doesn’t make me live any less radically awake. But what I do know is that I am not the same as I was when I was three or twelve or twenty or forty nine. Does this mean I only live once……I think  perhaps I could be living an infinite number of times?

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