85 percent of the stuff in your head is s!@#.....

Two Days With Bryan Kest

I have been listening to Bryan Kests Slow and Deep Yoga cd since it came out…when was that…well before there were MP3’s… that much I know. This week while visiting Santa Monica I was able to attend his classes in person. They were really good. He does not disappoint. Bryans approach to the practice is very consistent and practical. Just like Richards Yoga Matrix, I listened to Bryans recording so many times I know it by heart. And knowing it by heart breeds a real familiarity with him. It is like a homecoming when I am actually in his presence. Honestly, I am not an expert, but if I were to summarize Bryan's teachings I would say he emphasizes the breath and utilizes the asana practice as a means to maintain a certain amount of practical mobility in the body. "You wont find many contortions in my class.” He has a real desire to teach and reminds us that our practice is an opportunity to touch every part of ourselves at least once a day. He creates a super-accepting atmosphere and his demographic reflects that atmosphere including students of all ages and sizes. He is very funny; when I mentioned I was a bit of a broken yoga teacher, he said,”oh you’re a broke yoga teacher? What’s new?” He drops several f-bombs in each class and discloses bits of dirt from his personal life.  I like this rawness cuz he is keeping it real. His folly adds a bit of humor in what can be a harrowing time…you know.... facing yourself. His studio is donation only and he teaches two classes per day. I didn’t have to register, they take cash only and you don’t have to sign a waiver. There are bathrooms but no towels. Each class has at least 30 students. I did the numbers and in my imagination, because you can’t really see in the donation box, figured out he’s doing pretty well. Good for him and good for me to be able to practice with such a great teacher. If you are ever in the area don’t miss Santa Monica Power Yoga, specifically Bryan Kest.

“85 percent of the stuff in your head is shit and I didn’t say that, Harvard did.” Bryan Kest


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