Day 1 of the Mysore challenge at Charm City Yoga.

Day one of the Charm City Yoga Mysore Challenge. I wasn’t in town. I missed the first day. It was my brothers birthday and I wanted to be with family. That being said, I got up and practiced. I went to a great yoga class with my sister in law. We took time from the laid back schedule of family weekend and did our inner warrior work. Inner warrior work: go to the mat, begin to breathe with awareness, begin to coordinate the movements of the body to synchronize with the breath, and then stay awake. Watch the mind, the ego and the intelligence all rise, peak and pass away. The mind, the ego, and the intelligence make up what they call, in yoga philosophy, Chittam. On this day, I am awake, I am connected to my teacher, to the other students and mostly to myself. I see the mind stuff whirl around like the wind in the top of the trees. I see it move like the river, swollen to the edges of the bed. And finally, I see it settle, like the seeds of the hickory, floating to the ground, settling in to the moist spring dirt, ready to take hold, ready to root, ready to grow. PS. 36 students attended Mysore practice this morning, join us!

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