Day 24 Upstate Still!

practice begins at 5 and ends at 7, Rough! I am at the first lecture with Robert Thurman, Richard Freeman, and John Campbell. This is the second time I have attended this workshop and I remember the scene well. Three gurus sitting around a table laughing at inside jokes on Bob’s computer. They are all geniuses and it is a privilege to be here. A lot of time was spent at first on an intro telling all the logistics of the workshop including the process for the removal of ticks. Now we are learning all about the giant Naga that lives on the property. A Naga is something like a dragon or a snake. All aspiring Buddhist monks, before they are taken in as initiates, are asked if they are a human or a Naga?Menla means medicine Buddha. The Buddha turned blue when he taught about healing or medicine. The Blue Buddhas you see in the Thanka paintings are healing Buddhas. There were seven brothers billions of big bangs ago. They became medicine Buddhas. They wanted bodies that radiated healing light so that when those who needed their help gazed upon their skin they would be healed. When the medicine Buddhas looked forward they found our planet, way in the distance, in a very small distant dark place. They knew we were in the darkness and that we got sick all the time. They knew we would freak out about ticks, backs, aches, pains and all kinds of stuff. They knew we only lived short lives barely 100 years and they knew we were in need of healing. The medicine Buddhas decided to come to help us to be free of suffering. They wanted to help us to find awakening through healing medicine. This approach includes good nutrition, a healed mental life, and an integrated spiritual life; they came to show us yoga.

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