Every day miracle.

4:39AM Rain. This is repetition. Patanjali says in his seminal sutra text,

"Yoga is achieved when it is practiced in an uninterrupted manner over a long period of time."

As I move to the second half of week 1 in the yoga challenge I begin to see the wisdom of this Sutra.

1. Showing up every day brings a new ease to the poses.

2. The restrained lifestyle brings lightness to my body and mind.

3. I become more aware of my missteps in life as I live slower, softer, and allow for deeper contemplation.

4. I am eating better because I need to fuel my body for practice.

5. I am making space for rest and stillness because I have no choice.

6. I have also noticed how beautiful the world is, waking each day with the sun, doing my work in the yoga room and then going outside into the wonderful miracle of the day: birds, flowers, grass, trees, sky, ground, people, dogs, squirrels, fish, and centipedes.

Oh my, am I beginning to sound like the dreaded rainbow and butterfly lady???…. Have I mentioned that I have cried each day? That I have needed to say I am sorry to my friends? I have had to wrestle with my own insecurities and sadness, and I have had to face all of me: the strong part of me, the weak, the darkness as well as the light. This is the path of a yogi.

I thank my teachers for their consistency, guidance and love.

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