Hello California

Hello California. Yoga Mecca. Land of free spirits, free spirits, oh my God. This is what I saw on the pier in Santa Monica:  I saw an awesome black and white cop car. Strange couples who looked like they were right out of a Fellini film, hoards of people swimming in the freezing cold pacific in October, almost like it were the Mediterranean. I saw various people with body parts missing, a woman who wheeled herself around in an electric carriage that looked like it was right outVictorian times or else the future, I couldn’t really tell. I saw woman handling a big yellow snake, I mean a big yellow snake, men swinging on rings, para-sailors, and more bike riders than I have ever experienced in one place. I saw runners, body builders, tattooed ladies, I mean completely tattooed ladies. I saw a trapeze flying school with lines of students waiting to fly and three outrageous characters with tights and little pot bellies learning to climb and swing from silks. I saw birds (parrots pigeons, albatross and normal old seagulls) fish, a monkey and a cat. There were rides and shops and more bad food than I ever could have imagined, but there was also a cart with a man chopping fruit: mango, pineapple, jicama, cucumber, coconut, watermelon topped with salt, lime and hot sauce. Santa Monica you win the best lunch award ever, I cannot wait until dinner!!!!!!

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